Where Can I Find Bounce House Rentals in NH?

Taylor Rental Nashua makes renting a Bounce House in NH for your child’s party easy and affordable. Rides can be picked up at our location on Friday or Saturday between 8:00AM and 5:30PM and returned on the following Monday by 5:30PM for just the one day rate. This allows time to enjoy the party, less pressure about setup and breakdown. Most rides are 13’ x 13’. It takes two people to handle and setup. We provide a ground cover for the ride, stakes and a blower. You will need a good hammer for the stakes (a small sledge works best) and a heavy duty extension cord.

bounce_house_rentals_nhWe recommend installing the ride on a dry level area of your yard. Simply spread the ground cover, unroll the ride onto it, and stake down the corners. Once you connect the fill tube to the blower and turn it on, the ride will inflate in less than three minutes.

Depending on the age group, usually 6 to 8 kids can fit into the ride. The older the kids, the lower the count. Usually 2 to 4 adults can fit in at a time.

Customers can choose from a selection of styles for the 13’ x 13’ bounce houses. For the younger guests you can choose the Bounce Train. It has inflated hoops to crawl through, and a mini slide inside. Or the Mini Castle, which is 8’ x 8’ and is intended for toddlers.  Also, for the toddler party is a SafariLand activity. It is a 16’ x 17’ ground level enclosed play area with an inflated palm tree, a mini slide, a pool with plastic balls to jump into, and an inflated safari Jeep. Check out the UnderSea Adventure, it’s a 38’ long undersea themed crawl through ride. It has porthole windows and a mini slide too. The kids enter one end and exit out the far end. For the older children, there is a 14’ high inflatable dry slide.

Browse our website to see photos of bounce rides, or call for information or to make a reservation.