What is Lawn Aeration?

With so many customers coming into our location looking for equipment and tool rentals in NH, we have to be experts in a variety of DIY projects around the home. Some clients come in looking for the best way to improve their lawns health and nutrition, and many times that can be completed through lawn aeration.

What is it?

Lawn aeration is often used when soil compaction happens, which can starve grass roots from getting their essential nutrients. This is a process completed with a lawn aerator which pulls soil plugs from an established lawn to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach grass roots better. By doing so, this creates a lawn that grows deeper and produces stronger grass.

This process should be completed during the growing season. It can be dependent on your type of grass. Warm season grass should be completed in the late spring while cool season grass should be finished in the early spring or early fall. Learning more about what type of grass you can set you up for success now and in the future.

Aeration is not a process that should be completed without research. Checking out the instructions for the equipment needed and a little be of online searching can make a world of a difference in the way your lawn reacts to the treatment. If you have access to a professional who can teach you about this process, give them a call!

Fortunately, there are heavy equipment rentals in NH that will provide you with the tools necessary to bring your lawn back to life! From de-thatching to aeration, Taylor Rental is located in Nashua, NH and our experts have over 35 years of experience. That means when you come in with questions about what tools to best use for your home and garden projects, we will be able to lead you in the right direction.

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