Summer Yard Projects You Can Still Do!

It’s hard to believe the end of the summer is near and before we know it, we’ll be headed into the fall Equipment rental in NH from Taylorseason. Though the days seem numbered, there are plenty of yard projects you can still complete! Taylor Rental is a go-to for heavy equipment and tool rental in NH, and we know a thing or two about seasonal projects! Here are some ideas to keep in mind before the cold weather rolls in:

Stump removal

Whether you lost trees during a storm or have been removing them throughout the summer season, a stump grinder will help quickly rid your yard of these safety hazards. After the stump is at ground-level, you can then begin to plan your grass seeding for the fall.


Did you know you should fertilize your lawn and garden every 6-8 weeks during the summer season? It will help your grass remain lush and green even during weeks without water. As we head into fall, tilling your gardens with a lawn tiller is ideal.

Patio and walkway building

With most of the rainy season behind us, it could be a perfect time to redo or create the patio and walkways of your dreams. Compactors, cement mixers, and other installation tools can be found at Taylor Rental at affordable rates.

Fortunately, we have the inventory necessary to fit your needs and budget. We cater our rentals to our customers, and that means offering the best lawn tools and equipment possible to help you get these jobs done easier and faster, before the cold weather strikes! Whether you know exactly what you need or require some assistance to determine which rentals are right for your project, our team has over 30 years of experience and is here to help!

With more questions about our rental options, please contact the experts at Taylor Rental today by calling (603) 888-1670.