800 Watt amp & speaker system

A versatile solution for rehearsal spaces, gigs, and jam sessions, the LP9800 provides 800 watts of clean, high-headroom power. Drive stereo mains, split the power to handle both mains and monitors, or deliver all 800   watts in Mono Bridge mode—this flexible system can do it all. Each power-amp channel (mains and monitors) has a level control and a 5-segment LED input meter so you can check levels at a glance.

You get 14 input channels with nine XLR microphone inputs and 1/4” TRS balanced line inputs—each with a -25 dB pad, rumble filter, and clip indicator—and  three stereo channels with XLR mic and 1/4” TS inputs, and a total of 14 line inputs.  Easily enough to mix and manage sound for an entire band. Every input channel has a 3-band EQ, effects send, and aux send. Globally switched, +48 volt phantom power serves all microphone inputs. – Speakers included.
Model: 50-2550

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