Currently Viewing Products for: Moving & Loading

The dolly has a 500 lb capacity, a wood frame and carpeted ends to move a variety of household items.

Price: $9.00

This dolly is designed to move household appliances. It’s capacity is 500 lbs, it has semi pneumatic tires and stair tread rollers and a built in strap.

Price: $24.00

This box dolly is designed to carry a stack of boxes and has a capacity of 500 lbs.

Price: $16.00

This convertible dolly can be used vertically, or for more load bearing moves, use the dolly in a horizontal position.

Price: $24.00

The desk dolly allows maintainance crews to relocate desks safely with the contents still in place.

Price: $29.00

Quilted pads for packing around furniture etc. to protect it during transport.Local Use Only. (Returned to our Location)

Price: $2.00

This is a 5,000 capacity pallet truck. The forks are 27″ wide and 48″ long.

Price: $49.00

This is a two piece dolly which straps around a piano or other large cabinets. It has handles which fold out to carry the item, or even wheels to roll the item form room to room.

Price: $32.00

This is a narrow platform dolly used mostly in retail applications. It has two high end frame handles to hold a large quanity of boxes.

Price: $25.00

This dolly has one handlebar, and is easy to manuver. It has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Price: $25.00

This 24′ flexible conveyor can connect to multiple conveyors to move product in large warehouses or to even load a delivery truck.

Price: 179.00 / week