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For cutting 3″ to 6″ cast iron pipe only. The handle ratchets the cutter wheels down onto the pipe surface until the pipe snaps off. 2 hr. rate $28.40, 4hr. rate $39.90.

Price: $57.00

This camera has a 3′ fexible cable for inspection of enclosed walls or other places where your direct line of sight is blocked.

Price: $29.00

This is a solar powered, battery back-up portable LED sign. Display your personal message on the 3′ x 5′ screen.  Great for  Birth announcements, Anniversary parties, Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays , New business Grand Openings ,  or even  Yard sales.    Tow-able by vehicles with a 2″ to ball. This sign needs no electrical outlet. Solar […]

Price: $69.00

Battery operated metal detector helps locate lost keys or jewlery.

Price: $39.00

This fan is 6′ in height, with a diameter of 24″.

Price: $49.00

This router will cut contours into wood edging on counters or cabinets.

Price: $19.00

For cutting lolly columns, or any steel pipe(NOT CAST IRON) 2″ to 4″ in diameter. This cutter clamps onto the pipe and us spun around the entire diameter of the pipe, while gradually tightening the cutter wheel until it cuts completely through the pipe. Works as well on popes that are cement filled. 4 hr. […]

Price: $29.00

Manual tamper with a heavy 10″x10″ steel plate for small areas that need to be compacted.

Price: $10.00