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The CAT 302.5 Excavator is a diesel, rubber track machine, with a 16″ bucket and thumb. It weighs 5,864 lbs. The width is 4’9″ , a length of 14’10”, height of 92″. It has a digging depth of 14’10”, load lift of 1,799 with the boom closed in, and a lift of 1,000 lbs. with […]

Price: $349.00

The IHI 9NX is a diesel excavator. It has rubber tracks, the operating weight is 2,060 lbs. and will pass through a 30″ wide space for inside excavation. The digging depth is 5′; lifting capacity is 300lbs extended, or 500lbs extended half way. The bucket capacity is 8/10 cubic foot. Length 8’10”, height 7’5″, extended […]

Price: $299.00

This GenieSLC24 lift is a manual crank mast fork lift with a load capacity of 650lbs, with a load center of 12″. This lift will fit into a full size pickup with an 8′ bed.

Price: $98.00

Genie GS1930 is a 30″ wide scissor lift with a 19′ platform height. It is battery operated. This machine can only be used on a hard flat surface, and is generally used in a warehouse situation. The weight of the GS1930 is 3,000lbs.

Price: $199.00 per day

The CAT226B Skid Steer Loader is a diesel tire mounted machine. Its operating weight is 5,834lbs, the width is 60″. The length is 10’7″ and a height of 6’5″. The load lift is 1,500lbs with a reach of 50″ and a maximum bucket height of 12′. Pallet forks are available.

Price: $299.00

Combination loader/ back-hoe with turf friendly wide tires.

Price: 329.00