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5′ x 2′ Charcoal grill.

Price: $79.00

This hand crafted stainless steel grill by Blue Ridge mountain cookery is a tow behind Grill with a 2’ x 5’ Stainless Steel cooking surface for you larger party grilling needs. There are three 30,000 BTU burners with tandem 20 lb. propane tanks. We also offer the electric Rotisserie at no extra charge for roasting […]

Price: $239.00

66″ x 16″ (actual cooking surface)Propane grill fit with (8) stainless steel burners that run at 20,000 BTU’s each.  The roller cook top and firebox are also top quality stainless steel. ; Comes with a 30 lb. propane tank.

Price: $189.00