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7″ glass plate.

Price: $0.59

Our coffee makers do not require paper filters, but need to be started with cold water. Fill the coffee maker to the level you need; add your coffee according to the instruction from the coffee provider.

Price: $39.00

This brewer is designed to brew coffee directly into airpots.

Price: $39.00

This insulated glass lined air pot can dispense hot or cold beverages, or even milk or cream.

Price: $7.00

White bread and butter plate.

Price: $0.49

Stainless bouillon spoon.

Price: $0.39

Bright wire bread basket

Price: $0.99

Oval trays for food service or bussing tables.

Price: $8.00

Solid  Mirrored top with faceted sides  4.5″ high.

Price: $39.00

18″ Round,  footed,   silver plated cake riser with engraved top.

Price: $39.00

This 8 quart chafer has a top that rolls back into the frame for easy use. Great for keeping food hot on the buffet.

Price: $29.00

Each canister lasts aprox. 2 hours.


This 8 quart chafer has brass handles and feet. Heated by 2 lit Sterno canisters underneath

Price: $27.00

This is a half size stainless chafer. Great for appetizers, or other small items that you need to keep hot. Heated by 1 lit Sterno canister underneath.

Price: $14.00

This is a  Beautiful  6 quart stainless  roll top chafer.  Keeps cooked  food hot on the buffet line.

Price: $34.00

This is a standard 8 quart food chafer. It may be ordered with one standard food pan or 2 half pans. It is also available with deep pans. Keeps food hot using 2 lit Sterno Canisters underneath.

Price: $27.00

This is a 3 gallon fountain for champagne or any other  non-pulpy Beverage.

Price: $79.00

5′ x 2′ Charcoal grill.

Price: $79.00

This 17″ diameter board is made of laminated  bamboo and is wrapped  with stainless Steele.  Perfect for a cheese and cracker display or whatever snack you choose.

Price: $15.00

This 35″ tall commercial fountain comes with 15 lbs of chocolate. Our chocolate melts smoothly without the need for additional oil. Serve on your buffet with fresh fruit of and assortment of cookies.

Price: $349.00