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This 7″ diameter edger is a disc style sander. It is designed to sand the perimeter of the room right up to the base board. Taylor Rental stocks 20 grit, 36 grit, 60 grit and 100 grit discs.

Price: $59.00

This is a 12″ wide grinder for removing adhesives and paint from concrete floors. Taylor Rental offers a variety of optional attachments: carbide blades, diamond shoes, scarifire wheels, steel brushes, and abrasive stones in several grades.

Price: $119.00

This is an 8″ wide drum for finishing outdoor decks or similar surfaces. Taylor Rental stocks the paper to fit this machine.

Price: $69.00

The tile stripper is designed to remove vinyl tiles from a sub floor, or carpeting from a concrete floor. Taylor rental stocks the blade for either application.

Price: $110.00

The Under Radiator Sander (also called a toe-kick sander,or nose sander) is perfect for hard to reach areas. This Sander is designed to do a job quickly and easily, without complicating the sanding process by using complex machines. Easily install a 5″sand disc onto the pad, plug the unit into a standard outlet and you […]

Price: $59.00