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Hot dogs are easy to heat and serve with our hot dog steamer. The machine has one section for the dogs, and another side to keep the buns warm. It will hold 80 to 90 1/8 lb. hot dogs,  and 30 to 40 buns.

Price: $59.00

This commercial grade machine has a 1 1/2 gallon capacity. Just add the chocolate or vanilla mix and in less that an hour you’ll have fresh soft serve ice cream. Great for sundaes and banana splits too! Each container of mix makes 48, 4 ounce servings.

Price: $179.00

Each container makes a full batch in the soft serve ice cream machine. (48 4 ounce servings)


Each container makes a full batch in the soft serve ice cream machine. (48, 4 ounce servings)


4 oz. Sundae Cups in 4 colors, package of 50.

Price: $6.99

This karaoke machine comes with two  wireless microphones, and a selection  of approximately 800 songs on 65 discs.

Price: $98.00

Connect this LCD projector to your laptop for your presentation,  or to a dvd to project a movie on  a larger scale.

Price: $129.00

This 3200 LCD projector can be hooked up to your computer, or dvd player for a business presentation or to project a movie on a larger scale. This model has HDcapability. We provide standard parallel port and HDMI cables.  Mac adapter can be provided when needed.  

Price: $139.00

This is a table top lectern with a microphone and amplifier. It can be fitted with an optional wireless lapel mic.   There is an optional base with speakers.  Also,  extension speakers are available for even larger crowds.

Price: $89.00

This is a solar powered, battery back-up portable LED sign. Display your personal message on the 3′ x 5′ screen.  Great for  Birth announcements, Anniversary parties, Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays , New business Grand Openings ,  or even  Yard sales.    Tow-able by vehicles with a 2″ to ball. This sign needs no electrical outlet. Solar […]

Price: $69.00

White 12″ Floral Lantern that can be used with our string lights. ( Part #105-0190)

Price: $3.99

This extension cord is heavy duty 10 gauge wire with 6 outlets and is 50 feet long. Great for up-lighting, or any other purpose where multiple outlets are required.

Price: $19.00

This overhead projector will project images for your classroom.

Price: $33.00

Attaches easily to our pedestal tables.  Remote controlled, and multicolored.  Can also be used to up-light backdrops.     

Price: $29.00

Powered by a 75-watt LED, Followspot 75 is a portable, compact and lightweight fixture that creates a sharp edge and includes all the features of a traditional followspot without the heat and lamp changes needed in the past. There are 7 colors plus white available at the push of a button A mechanical iris and […]

Price: $69.00

The BlissLights Universe Of Stars is easy and simple-to-use. These lighting effect projectors produce an explosion of thousands of pinpoints of light with a moving cloud-like backround. This model features a blue laser light that covers up to a 25 foot by 25 foot area. Add a new dimension to parties, weddings, or corporate events.

Price: $39.00

Chauvet’s Gobo Zoom LED 2.0 projects your message or custom image anywhere you want it. Powered by a 15-watt LED, this powerful gobo projector comes with 4 color gels and 9 easily replaceable, rotating gobos. Heat-free LED power allows you to create custom gobos at home from transparency material.

Price: $49.00

Clear light bulbs on a 54′  string. Can be used with Lightable  Flower Lantern   (part#105-0208). $3.99 additional.

Price: $29.00

Made by American DJ, this 400 watt ultraviolet (black) light will fill a dance floor with fluorescent fun.  Great addition to our laser and LED lights.  

Price: $39.00

This mirror ball has two spot lights to reflect the light throughout the room to give that retro disco look.

Price: $39.00