Ladder Safety 101 from Taylor Rental

tool rental nhFall is here, and there is so much to do around the house! Taylor Rental has new customers coming in every day searching for tool and equipment rentals in NH, including ladders. With so many fall chores that require homeowners to get on them, ladder safety is of the utmost importance. With more than 150,000 people going to the hospital every year from ladder-related injuries, our team wants you to know some basic ladder safety to protect you and your loved ones from injury:

  • Stay off a ladder if you’re prone to dizziness or feel unbalanced
  • Never use ladders in high winds or during any storm
  • Never use ladders near electric power lines
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes
    • Be sure the bottom of your shoes are clean and dry to maximize traction
  • Inspect your ladder before use to ensure it’s in working order
  • Choose the right size ladder for the job
    • The ladder should be tall enough, so the climber does not have to use the top rung or step
  • If you have never used this particular ladder before, be sure to review its specific instructions
  • Ladders should never be used in front of doors unless the door is sufficiently blocked off from the opposite side to avoid injury
  • Always use the three-point-of-contact climbing method
    • Utilize ladder tools to help keep your balance
  • Avoid making fast, hasty movements on the ladder
  • Never move a ladder while standing on it
  • Never overreach or lean far while working

For more tips on using ladders, visit this great resource!

Fortunately, if you have additional questions about our ladders, our experts are here to help. With over 30 years of rental experience, we can walk you through choosing the ladder that is ideal for your fall projects and the best ways to use it!  We rent only high-grade ladders for your safety and we would love to work with you.

With more questions about our different tool or heavy equipment rentals in NH, please contact the Taylor Rental team today by calling (603) 888-1670.